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Legal Services

We have the pleasure to present you the association of attorneys-at-law "Regionservice" registered as an independent lawyer formation in the register of the Bar Chamber of Kemerovo area. 

Aspiring to keep the mark of leadership, we have always put at the basis of our activity the purpose of perfection and development of the legal community of the Russian Federation, Siberian Federal district and Kemerovo area. The basic specialization of the firm is complex legal support to business-projects of the largest financial and industrial groups, such as MDM, UC Rusal, Evraz Holding, Rinaco, etc., and resolution of corporate and tax disputes, as well as securities-related and bankruptcy cases, and also financial and political consulting, monitoring of the current legislation and the, court practice. The firm has already become widely known not only in Kuzbass and Siberia, but also all over Russia, owing to the participation in some headline-making and significant matters, such as bankruptcy of "Kuznetsk ironworks" and "Novokuznetsk aluminium factory", corporate disputes around the factory "Kuznetsk ferroalloys", and the largest Russian coal-mining enterprises "Kuzbassrazrezugol", "Kuzbassugol", "Vostsibugol", and "Krasnoyarsk coal company". This list may be continued. There is a great number of successful and completely fulfilled large projects on the account of the lawyers of Regionservice. 

Many attorneys of the firm have degrees in law and economics, a solid practical experience with the state bodies and the largest Russian enterprises. The firm comprises experts in a variety of spheres of law, providing complex advice to Clients practically on all matters of the Russian legislation. But the main thing which is well-known in the legal and business community, is that Regionservice is able to come to the aid at any time and to solve any legal issue, even those considered insoluble. We owe this stellar reputation to the ability to findan out-of-the-box, creative approach, striving to supply our Client with the best legal service available. 

That’s why we have chosen the motto: 
"Partnership in the name of success"  

The firm’s management is aware that businesses today rush towards optimization of the organizational, legal and financial structure to achieve the maximum commercial benefit. For fulfilment of acquisitions, restructurings or optimization of business, as well as to raise capital from abroad it is necessary to possess of the special knowledge in the field of law, economics, book keeping, PR, marketing, audit and appraisal activities. Keeping this in mind, the firm is ready to offer the expertise and resources such as qualified legal and advisory support both for existing businesses, and the new initiatives aimed at the development of the Russian Federation, the Siberian Federal District and Kemerovo area. Being in the leading position in Kuzbass, we have gained recognition on the federal level and opened the representations in Moscow, Tyumen, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Besides, the firm has close partner relations with leading Russian and foreign law firms, PR-agencies, political strategists, auditors and appraisers. 

Therefore no matter where our Client is or in what region it is necessary to solve the task, the firm will be ready at a short notice to bring the most qualified experts based in various regions in the work on a problem. That clearly saves time and resources of the Client and promotes the most high-quality protection of their interests. One of the main rules of our firm is to comply with the code of attorneys’ ethics that guarantees confidentiality of the information received from the Client and govern the situations related to the conflict of interests. Within the lines of the code of ethics we are opened for many groups of public. We actively cooperate with the mass media, government authorities and public bodies, we take part in sponsor's and social responsibility programmes. We are always happy to work with new Clients, rendering them the first class professional services. We are aware of all the changes in the Russian business community in Russia, Siberia and Kemerovo area and reaching new heights, we perform beyond the expectations of our friends and partners!   

Legal services

Our advantages

  1. High qualification. Our core area of focus is the - complex legal support to business initiatives not only in Kuzbass and the Siberian Federal District, but countrywide, and globally. The firm’s attorneys are the lawyers having degree in law. Lawyers of the firm, alongside with the legal practice, engage in research and teaching, author monographs and publications in various areas of the law. They are also involved with the state bodies, public organizations and mass media in the capacity of independent legal advisers and experts on a regular basis.    

  2. The considerable practical experience. On the account of the firm’s there are dozens of successfully fulfilled turnkey projects , hundreds of victories achieved in the economically and politically important cases in a variety of areas of law.    

  3. Unlike the traditional lawyer formations in Russia, we operate by a principle of the team responsibility before the Client. The conclusion of the contract with the firm, instead of with a single lawyer, allows us to form groups comprised of not only lawyers, but also prominent experts in the field of economics and enterprise management, audit, appraisal, and also political strategists and PR-pros.

  4. Along with the established office in Kemerovo, the firm has representative offices in Moscow, Tyumen, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Through this set of outfits we represent our Clients before the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the Federal Arbitrazh Court of the Moscow district, the Federal Arbitrazh Court of the East-Siberian district, the arbitrazh courts of the first and appeal instance of the Siberian Federal District, the courts in Moscow and the Moscow area.

  5. We have secured strategic partnership relations with the leading law firms in many regions of Russia and abroad. This ultimately saves time and resources, and contributes to the most efficient and thorough protection of our clients’ interests.    

  6. Confidentiality. We guarantee confidentiality of the information, documents and other data making a trade secret, which become known to the firm in connection with its performance under an assignment. We were one of the first in the Russian legal profession, who managed to prove before court, that observance of an attorney-client privilege shall be applied to the representation of clients before the tax bodies, to carrying out the check of a company’s financial and economic activity.

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